What to check during choosing a company secretary? 

All companies integrated in Singapore require to elect a Company Secretary within six months of incorporation and give that the office of Secretary shall not be left empty for further than six months at any one moment. In today’s industry environment, the part of a Secretary should not be restricted to the council and compliance with local laws. For some corporations, the Company Secretary moreover takes on the function of legal advisor, accountant, and business consultant to the Board.

What to look for during your choose a Company Secretary in Singapore?

Comprehending your Requirement:-

Besides having the right norms, the Company Secretary should furthermore comprehend your necessities and be eligible to ascertain the value-add to give rise to the table. At the fundamental level, the Secretary should be eligible to clarify the steps to take and paper provisions for some corporate yearly compliance e.g. Annual General Meetings, IRAS ECI, ACRA Annual Return, and Form C-S. Simple items are assuring reminders to filing deadlines are conveyed early.


When you choose a Company Secretary in Singapore, the least criteria for a Secretary should be

  • Shall be a normal individual who has his chief or only spot of dwelling in Singapore;
  • Not debarred in Section 155B of the Companies Act from working as Secretary of Company
  • Background and understanding to perform the functions of a Secretary.

Due to the regulations to be well-versed with the Companies Act, and the workings of the firm and related tax statutes, the function of Secretary is usually replenished by a certified accountant, lawyer, or an expert who has worked as Secretary for a good number of years. The company should moreover hold a valid enrolled filing agency license from ACRA to house your corporation activities on your behalf on ACRA.


– Is your secretary upfront and transparent about the expenses to commit them?

– Have they itemized what are the commodities encompassed in their quotes?

– Are there private items like residues, GST, disbursements to consider?

Third-Party Recommendations for Corporate Secretary:-

One of the simplest paths is to assess a new secretary is feedback from different customers.

– Was the Company Secretary proposed by an authorized source?

– Have you checked their online reviews?

In today’s realm where everything occurs in a flicker and information is plentiful, discovering the right provider has never been simpler. Try Googling your forthcoming service provider on what their clients tell about them to give rise to an informed decision.

Skillset and confidentiality 

A business relationship is made on humans working jointly, and trust is a crucial criterion. Nonetheless, if you are committing a Company Secretary provider for the first time, you may require banking on your wisdom or gut feel to evaluate the service provider.

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