How to create a more welcoming workplace for your employees


Today office design is essential to ensure the productivity Health industry employee retention credit raleigh nc of your staff. The days of uncomfortable chairs, bright fluorescent lights, and outdated cubicles are long gone. Today, employees expect spaces that are welcoming and offices that have a focus on both comfort and productivity. 

So, how can you create a more welcoming workplace for your employees to encourage them to return to the office? We’ve put together our top tips in the list below. 

  • Hire a Facilities Management Company

Nobody wants to walk into an untidy room, so why would they want to spend time in a dirty office? Having a facilities management company will allow you to ensure that your workplace is as clean as possible for your employees. 

Furthermore, you can ask them to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected to protect your staff from harmful bacteria. A safe and clean workplace will be very inviting to your employees. 

  • Invest in Office Security

If you want your workplace to be more welcoming, you need to make it safe. Cleaning is one step, but investing in office security will have a large impact. This could include CCTV, ID cards, and security staff at the front desk. 

If your employees are greeted by a friendly member of security as they arrive at work, they will feel comfortable knowing that someone is watching out for them. 

  • Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Where do we often wish we are when sitting out our desks? Outside. Well, to help make your office more welcoming, why not place some plants in your office? 

There are plenty of plants that thrive indoors with minimal care, so you don’t need to worry about extra responsibilities. They will freshen your space and make every room brighter and more vibrant. 

  • Add Some Colour

On the topic of brightness, colour is another way to make your workplace more welcoming to your employees. You don’t need to turn your office into an art exhibition, but painting a feature wall or hanging some art will make a big difference to the look and feel of your space. 

  • Create Communal Spaces

Having places where your staff can gather is another great step you can take to make your office more welcoming. It also helps to build a sense of community and healthy office culture. 

Start by ensuring that you have a sufficient lunch area, with plenty of seating and tables. You could also add collaborative areas and spaces with sofas and larger tables. 

Final thoughts

There are plenty of simple ways that you can make your workplace more welcoming. Follow the tips in this blog and you’ll see a noticeable change in your office faster than you think! 

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