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Do you cherish the desire to become a certified public accountant in India? Well, it is a much deserved as well as a rewarding career proposition in the first place. Once you secure yourself a vocation with the tag of a certified public accountant you can enjoy a sky-high flourish with a galaxy of career-advancing opportunities associated with the job role. However, everything starts with a first step and in this case; the step would be enrolling in the CPA course. Let us help you with some essential ideas that would enable you to make the right decisions about this course. 

Things you will learn from the course 

Once you secure your seat in a Certified Public Accountant Course, there will be a wide spectrum of aspects to learn from this discipline. For example, you will learn how to use regulations as a certified public accountant. There will be lessons on BEC or business environments and concepts, Besides, you will have proper ideas of FAR or financial accounting and reporting, AUD or auditing as well as attestation, etc. while going with the course, you will get precise knowledge in connection with operations management, safety protocols, economic concepts as well as the use of information technology. 

CPA Course Fees in India

The aspect of the course fee happens to be a crucial point of consideration when you are making your efforts to grab the professional edge and support from a high-profile course such as a CPA course. However, you need not be too edgy or nervous with the aspect of pricing or fees. If you take a deep look at the aspect of CPA Course Fees in India, you will have to admit that the pricing is quite lenient. People from various walks of life will be able to get access to these courses because of the affordable fee structures. There are application fees, evaluation fees as well as fees for international testing. Overall, you might have to pay 23000 INR in the initial phase. When it comes to paying for international testing, it will come to 1,09,500 INR in total. 

What would be the time length required to complete the CPA course?

In general, you are presumed to take a time span of 12 months to complete this prestigious course. Once you have covered the syllabus and appeared for the test, the real career advancement will kick off with a bang. You will start getting new offers with attractive growth prospects. With the precise light and brilliance of the Certified Public Accountant Course, you should be able to find a profitable career for you at the end of the day. The best part of the Certified Public Accountant Course and allied academic facilities is that you will get it within a year only. There is no way to waste any time on your part. It is a big step in your academic pursuit and it will always be helpful for you. 

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