Amazon Selling Opportunities to try

When it comes to online selling, Amazon offers numerous opportunities for sellers. If you are more inclined to sell products online than offer your services to Amazon, then you should try the following Amazon selling activities:

Amazon Private Label

Amazon private label is a common approach for Amazon FBA sellers. In fact, it is estimated that more than 70% of sellers are using this business model to profit from Amazon.

Many sellers utilize this method because the processes involved are newbie-friendly and easy to follow. To summarize the steps involved, (1) you will need to find a low-cost product, (2) apply your own brand and product improvements, and then (3) sell it on Amazon.

Generic items come from third-party manufacturers that are widely available online. To access inexpensive and reliable third-party items for your Amazon inventory, you can check Alibaba.

You can make money on Amazon using the private label method by selling third-party manufactured items for higher prices after some improvements, including rebranding.

Pro Tip: When checking for inventory items to use for Amazon private label, try starting with small & light products to reduce shipping costs.

Sell Wholesale on Amazon

Another reliable approach on Amazon is selling wholesale goods either as an Amazon FBA or FBM seller.

As its name would suggest, the wholesale approach involves purchasing branded products in bulk directly from suppliers or manufacturers. What makes wholesale on Amazon different from the private label is that there is no need for rebranding because you sell other companies’ branded products as your inventory items.

Pro Tip: When selling wholesale, make sure that you do thorough research. Include the brand owner or your potential supplier in your research and not just the product you would like to sell. Know the specific requirements set by suppliers or brand owners.

In order to be easily approved by brand owners, make them feel that you intend to order in bulk and would like to be a long-term partner. Prepare your wholesale license or otherwise known as a reseller’s permit in some states.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is a form of buy and sell. This approach involves scouting for clearance or discounted items in physical retail stores and reselling them for a higher price on Amazon.

Selling arbitrage products is not a problem for sellers immersed in retail arbitrage. Arbitrageurs can leverage the brand power of their chosen items to influence consumers easily.

Although Amazon has no definite guidelines for retail arbitrage, sellers are still obliged to follow product and category brand restriction guidelines.

Amazon Online Arbitrage

If you have been searching online about how to make money on Amazon FBA, then online arbitrage might be the right business model for you. It is one of the popularly used online selling methods because of its simplicity and convenience.

Unlike retail arbitrage, online arbitrage does not require you to travel around and check physical stores for clearance and liquidations. All you need is a computer and internet connection to search online retail stores for potential inventory items.

Make a test purchase to determine the quality of the item and your supplier’s fulfillment service. Some of the reliable sources for Amazon online arbitrage include but are not limited to Walmart, Sears, Target, and Best Buy.

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