Buying Jewellery from a Pawnbroker: Is it worth the price?


Yes, pawnshops are known for selling exciting items. Still, did you know if you want to find fine jewellery, a pawn shop is the best place to start

In fact, you can find high-quality trinkets at bargain prices at your local Melbourne pawnbrokers. Great, but is it safe to buy at a pawnbroker and the right way to go? 

We’re here to dismiss all the myths related to shopping bargain basement discount prices not found at a regular jewellery store. 

  • Pawnbrokers offer the best fine jewellery at bargain prices 

You’ll agree that you buy jewellery for special occasions or specific milestones, right! Yet, when visiting a retail store, they are subject to consumer trends and present you with the latest styles. But those chic styles come with a high mark-up price.

Therefore, you want a unique or vintage style, and the jewellery retailer does not have it in stock. Hence, where do you go? You visit a local pawn shop in Melbourne, providing what you need at discounted prices.

At the pawnbroker shop, you can find the most unique jewellery pieces. Thus, you pick rose gold, silver, and yellow gold pieces. You may even find something extra special to fit the occasion. 

  • Get unbelievable prices for diamonds and gold

How often have you visited a jewellery store to find the prices marked up from 100-400%? Sometimes you deal with marked-up prices way over 1000%. The truth is that trinkets sold at your jewellery or retail store already has a high mark-up as it is not your average day purchase. 

Still, when you visit a pawnbroker, things are a bit different. The pawnshop buys and sells a vast selection of goods and deals with diverse markets. Hence, you will get more value when purchasing a piece of jewellery at a pawnbroker in Melbourne. 

You can get high-quality, unique diamond and gold rings for a fraction of the price bought at a retail shop.  

  • Shop for your jewellery at a pawnshop with confidence 

Yes, we know that pawnshops had a seedy outlook in the past, but it changed with the pop culture scene. The days of providing consumers with low-quality products to buy changed. The truth is that when pawnbrokers purchase and sell jewellery, they perform a high evaluation that is severe when it comes to used jewellery. Every piece of jewellery goes through a thorough assessment for authenticity and pureness. 

So, if you’re looking to buy or sell fine jewellery, then visiting local Melbourne pawnbrokers is your best option. Pawnshops offer you free inspection upon request and lend money on fine jewellery, silver and gold bullion, diamonds, gold coins, luxury watches, and scrap gold. 

Specialising in these items allows pawnbrokers to loan you money at excellent prices with a lower interest rate. So stop today at your local pawnshop for a free evaluation instead of lending money from a loan shark that breaks your legs if you do not pay (just a joke). 

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