Steps On How To Save Electricity At Home


If you want to save on the electricity bill in your home, it is essential to know that some household items account for a large part of the electricity bill. Therefore, it is worth knowing what they are and the precautions that can be taken to ensure energy savings apart from being managed by a power company like e360 power for example.

  1. Place The Refrigerator In A Ventilated Place

First of all, did you know that the refrigerator corresponds to about 30% of the energy used in a traditional home? Thus, one way to contribute to energy savings is to place the device in a ventilated place in your home. So, do not leave this device in very closed places. So, if your kitchen isn’t a well-ventilated place, think of another room in the house to place this item.

  1. Avoid Leaving The Refrigerator Door Open

Second, many people have a habit of leaving the fridge door open to get lunch ingredients, stock it with new items, etc. However, keep the door open for a long time and do not put very hot food inside.

  1. Keep The Fridge Clean

In addition to the previous tip, another valuable secret is to keep the fridge clean and in good condition. In this sense, remember not to line the grids, making air circulation difficult. Finally, if you are away from home for a long time, it is recommended to empty the refrigerator and leave it turned off.

  1. Decrease The Frequency Of Hot Baths

The hot bath is one of the main villains of those who need to save electricity. This is because heating water corresponds to about 20% of the electrical energy consumed. But, remember that this percentage varies depending on the local temperature. That said, avoid long and very hot showers, close the shower when soaping up to reduce the time the equipment is on.

  1. Streamline Shower Use

At first, those who have an electric shower at home should be aware when using the device. This is because the electric shower consumes more energy between 6 pm and 9 pm, that is, times when most people arrive from work. So, prefer to take hot showers at other times of the day. In addition, another thing that helps is to keep the water outlet of the shower clean and use the original resistances of the device.

  1. Cut The Habit Of Sleeping With The TV On

This type of habit hurts a lot when the intention is to save on the light bill. So, cut the habit of sleeping with the TV on and use the timer function so that the device automatically turns off after a while. That way, you will see energy savings results on your bill very soon.

  1. Control The Use Of The Electric Iron

About 7% of electricity costs correspond to the use of electric iron. So, accumulate a good amount of clothes to iron them all at once and use the correct graduation for each type of garment to achieve energy savings. One hour of iron daily is enough to add about 30 kWh to your energy bill at the end of the month. Finally, make sure to turn off the device when not in use.

  1. Be Careful When Using The Washing Machine

Avoid using the washing machine for a small amount of clothes, preferring to turn it on only at the maximum use levels. In addition, it is also essential to dose the soap avoid the need for re-rinsing. Finally, another tip that can help save energy is frequently cleaning the machine’s filter.

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