Hard Money Loan Lending Solutions Clearwater FL

Lenders provide hard money financing and the loan is secured with the property’s value. The loans offered are through private money lenders and do not depend on the credit score of the person applying for. Hard money lending in Clearwater is an important source of capital for Clearwater real estate investors who are looking to purchase flip, renovate, or buy properties, or refinance existing loans. The real property market in Clearwater is flourishing, and hard money loans are highly sought-after.

The Hard Money Lending Process in Clearwater

Locating a hard money lender located in Clearwater is the first step in the process of lending with hard money. Private money lenders such as CambridgeHomeLoan offer loans to Clearwater real estate investors. They are specialized in financing fix-and flip loans and rental loans as well as construction loans and are able to cover the entire area of Clearwater.

When a borrower finds a Clearwater hard money lender, it’s time to apply for a loan. These loans are generally much easier to obtain than traditional bank loans. The lenders who offer hard money in Clearwater might consider the property’s value, the investment experience of the borrower and the borrower’s exit plan.

Once the borrower is approved, the lender will provide loan conditions and terms. These may include the amount of the loan along with the interest rate and loan duration. The rates of interest on hard money loans in Clearwater are usually higher than bank loans that are traditional and the loan period generally is shorter. The hard money lender in Clearwater will also require collateral or security, like a mortgage on the property.

Benefits of Hard Money Lending in Clearwater

Hard money lending has its advantages and disadvantages for lenders and borrowers alike. One advantage for borrowers is the faster funding. When traditional bank loans take up to months or weeks to complete the hard money loans available in Clearwater are available within 24 hours. Additionally, hard money lenders have lower requirements for qualification and make it much easier for borrowers to qualify for loans. Hard money lenders Florida also provide greater flexibility with regards to the terms and conditions of loans, allowing customers to tailor the loan to their particular financial needs.


Real estate investors can gain access to capital via loans made with hard money in Clearwater. The process of lending hard money in Clearwater involves finding a hard money lender, applying for a loan, and agreeing to loan terms and conditions. There are many benefits of applying for a money loan, including quicker funding and less eligibility requirements. CambridgeHomeLoan is not only offering the Hard Money Loan in Clearwater however, they offer all of Florida.

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