Exploring International Trading Platforms Beyond Borders

The trading landscape of India is ever evolving; with two major stock exchange platforms, BSE & NSE, Indian investors bear the potential of taking the trading trend of India to new heights. When it comes to looking for a trading platform with the prospects of international trading, multiple options are available online. 

The conventional method of trading abroad was an arduous task that required various levels of verification, funding of global accounts, and paying exorbitant amounts as trading fees. Technological innovations in recent years have completely transformed how traders and investors function as they have adapted to online investing mode to make small and big investments. Let’s unravel the possibilities for these investors if they look forward to expanding their market reach to global markets.

What are factors to keep in mind if planning to explore the global share markets tendencies from India and how to optimize them:

  • Making direct investments: Investors can choose any online trading platform to discover the global share market opportunities and open brokerage accounts with the help of international brokers. In this way, they can access a wide range of assets and securities to invest.
  • International ETFs: Exchange-traded funds in India act as the tracker for assessing the performance of a particular index, sector, or industry. Similarly, international ETFs can also be used by Indian investors to tap a specific global share market of any country or industry.
  • International mutual funds: unlike Indian mutual funds, these funds are invested in international stock exchanges. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to consult a seasoned investor or professional consultant with deep domain knowledge of global share markets before investing in international mutual funds.
  • Global depository receipts: GDRs are not less than a representation tool of international shares in foreign companies. India’s investors can also invest online to leverage these stocks and gain global exposure.

These were some of the possible options for international trading; now, let us shed some light on the potential markets investors in India can rely upon for increased ROI. The United States can be considered a safe haven for Indian investors looking forward to their investment online in the established, highly liquid, dynamic, and adaptive US financial markets. If we compare the stock trading in the US to that of India for Indian investors, several benefits outperform the latter approach.

Let’s compare the statistics of the last 15 years. The deviation of the Indian stock market is way too higher than that of the US stock market, according to the data released by the Nifty standard deviation and Dow Jones standard deviation, respectively. This is the reason why Indian stock markets are way more volatile than their counterparts in the US.

Another primary advantage of choosing the international stocks of the US is the appreciation of the American dollar and the depreciation of the Indian rupee. Since we have observed the depreciation of almost 9% for the Indian rupee in the past few months, even if the overall investment does not rise, the value of resources will increase exponentially.

Although the Indian stock market has been thriving in recent years, especially because of the tech-driven approach adopted by almost all the investors, it’s high time that these trade titans conquer the global market and demystify the process for future generations of traders and investors of the nation.


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