Everything You Have To Know A Digital Wallet

In the new generation of mobile communication, a mobile app can exchange small money for cash from gift certificates and electronic fees. It is not hard to exchange a small payment into money cash because the profile credit information will not change.

You can create 소액결제현금화 at KakaoTalk, a mobile application for your smartphones like Android and iPhone. Every time you swipe using the micropayment, you can have a point you can earn and convert into cash. This cash micropayments application can offer a lineup of free calls and text messages. It is also capable of sending photos, information, and other videos. It’s part of the company’s plans and expands in countries like Indonesia, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Why do you need to know about this mobile application?

  • These mobile apps KakaoTalk are announced as growth and profits.
  • This mobile application for small payments is a very user-friendly design.
  • This mobile app can upgrade directly to access games and music.
  • The user can also make online payments in Business Korea to transfer money on your friend list.
  • This mobile app can book hotels, and restaurant reservations, send photos, and benefit all in the apps.

What are the features of this mobile app?

  • The KakaoTalk is free to conference calls for up to five people are called Voice Talk.
  • Making schedule features of members in the chatroom.
  • All data has code.
  • It carries about 15 different languages.
  • No banner ads.
  • A one-way communication.

It will send promotions and information messages to your customers.

  • Two-way communication.

Set up an actual time to communicate with your customers. It also offers live chat agent support and provides the best customer service.

  • Linked-type buttons.

It boosts ease with your customers by linked-type buttons in messages.

  • API integration.

It connects to your external method with the Infobip platform.


How to open a channel in KakaoTalk mobile apps?

  • First, open a Kakao business account and click on the Kakao Business web interface. These are you will need the following documentation to enable Kakao:
    • You have to upload a Korean company business license certificate.
    • ID for who will fill out the application documentation.
  • Create a channel.
    • You can create channels up to 10 on a Kakao business account.
    • You will create separate channels for Kakao one-way services and two-way services.
    • You will set all channels as public search and searchable from profile settings.
    • For two-way services, it also sets the channel to allow.

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