In Australia, selling, swapping, or simply disposing of cryptocurrency is subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). If your coins appreciated in value since purchase or acquisition and you make a profit, you need to be aware of what you owe. Below we’ll explain how to calculate crypto tax in Australia,Continue Reading

If you are considering getting into gold trading, you may be wondering how to find out the current gold price. Fortunately, there are four steps that you can take. These steps will help you determine the price of gold and choose a risk-taking venue that is focused on liquidity andContinue Reading

A business without the support of an accounting office such as Susan S. Lewis for instance runs the risk of having legal problems with public bodies, becoming stagnant, and even acquiring debts. Therefore, a company needs an accountant when it wants to avoid: Legalization issues Low growth debts Legalization IssuesContinue Reading

  The world in which we live is technology driven. The enhancements in the technological world are focussed on making human life simpler and more convenient. To assist in this regard, many finance base technology starts or fin-techs are diverting their attention towards improving the banking sector. With the helpContinue Reading

Singapore is one of those countries where car insurance is compulsory. If you have a car, you have got to have a car insurance policy here. The majority of the insurance companies provide coverage against car (and sometimes medical) damage caused by accident, natural calamities, theft, etc. Thus, to beContinue Reading